Thursday 28 November 18:30 - 20:00

The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road

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Changing Mindsets

Business & Professional

Changing Mindsets is a fast-paced female (and female-identifying) targetted workshop designed to enable women to recognise and confidently communicate their personal edges/unique selling points.  

This event will give you the tools to achieve your maximum impact whether it be for a job interview, an ‘elevator pitch’ or a networking event. This workshop focusses on transferable skills not your scientific skillset. 

Session overview:

Session 1. Identifying and communicating your edge/USP

Kity Mayo, Entrepreneur First

Session 2. Boosting confidence and enhanced presentation skills

Rakhee Chauhan, The Francis Crick

Session 3. Interview techniques and advice

Anita Grummels, Alter Advisory

We invite you to join us for further discussions and a complementary drink after the event at the Drake & Morgan in Kings Cross.  

Tickets are limited so please book early! 

Contact: [email protected] for queries. 


Anita Grummels

Anita is a Digital Product Management expert with over 10 years experience managing product roadmaps for the UK and Australia’s largest companies (Lloyds Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank) through to its smallest start ups in Arts & Culture, Impact Investing, Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Ethical Fashion and Ecommerce. Anita studied Economics and Behavioural Sciences at Sydney University and leans on these philosophies to create intuitive products for time-poor, emotional humans that operate in a world of complexity and information saturation. In 2019, Anita founded Alter Advisory and assists growing companies to create digital value propositions with long-term viability by connecting them to their customers via their product's purpose.

Rakhee Chauhan

Rakhee Chauhan is a multidisciplinary postdoctoral scientist specialising in Cancer Research at the Francis Crick Institute. Rakhee completed her PhD from Imperial College London in 2014 and over the last 10 years has transitioned from atomic resolution at the bench to a clinical translational project working closely with patients and clinicians. Alongside her projects she has instigated multiple collaborations, founded the international conference, [email protected] and is now co-organising Changing Mindsets. She is committed to enhanced communication within research, personal development and supporting the growth of others. Rakhee is passionate about promoting equality in STEM research, eliminating the gender pay gap and enhancing women’s wellbeing in the workplace.


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