Wednesday 24 August 18:30 - 20:30

America Square Conference Centre
One America Square

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CHROMA Private View - New Date Announcement (24/08/2022)

Performing & Visual Arts

CHROMA - Private View

We are pleased to announce that the Private View of Chroma has been rescheduled on the 24th August 2022.

Tickets registered for the date of the 19th are still accepted, no need for a second registration.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

The ArtCan Team



CHROMA is an exhibition primarily focused on monochromatic 2D artworks or artworks where one single colour makes up for about 80% -100% of the image.

Artworks have been selected to reflect the exquisite location of a busy contemporary business venue in the heart of London.

Curator: Ernesto Romano

America Square Conference Centre

17 Crosswalk, 1 America Square


Free Entry. RSVP Required

Exhibition run: 18 July 2022 - 02 January 2023


ArtCan is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation with members across Britain and internationally. Our work is supported by the efforts of artist-member volunteers, contributions from our Founder Friends and Friends of ArtCan and with the valued guidance of our Board of Trustees. ArtCan has expertise in producing collaborative art exhibitions in London, across Britain and internationally.

Our exhibitions complement the work of established galleries by enabling talent to gain experience and skills. We work with galleries, but also seek new spaces where art becomes a part of everyday life and with the aim of involving audiences in an organic and personal way.

ArtCan’s artist-centred ethos means that our model does not involve charging membership fees or commissions on sales, to help artists focus on developing a sustainable practice.



Social Media: @artcanorg

America Square Conference Centre and events venue (part of Cavendish Venues) brings together the contemporary with the uniquely historic in bright, innovative event spaces and meeting rooms located in the heart of the City of London’s Square Mile.This is the second partnership between ArtCan and Cavendish Venues, following the successful partnership at Hallam Street from 2017-2019) and allows for longer term placements of the art (6 months) in a space that has a busy schedule all year round and will guarantee big exposure to the exhibited

Curator's Bio

Ernesto Romano is an Italian artist living and working in London with themes encompassing equality and diversity/inclusion and often using his own X-Rays to create his work. His work is often dedicated to the Queen and the image of an X-Rayed Queen has become of his trademark and symbol of how Her Majesty’s cultural influence during 70 years of Reign, can travel beyond borders, race, gender and social status, encompassing universal values of equality and diversity.

Ernesto is a member of ArtCan and currently has a role within ArtCan as graphic designer.


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