Tuesday 21 February 18:00 - 20:00

Dartmouth House
37 Charles Street

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Climate Series Drinks Reception


Join us for the third in a series of events from the ESU Speech & Debate Committee on the topic 'Beyond COP: Is It Time to Change Course?'

Join us at the bar for informal drinks to bounce ideas around, disagree agreeably and reflect on the questions posed during the Climate Deep Dialogue so far. Is COP enough or is it time to change course? Where are we with the climate crisis and where are we going to be in the next few decades? Can we innovate our way out of the climate crisis? Will the COP process fail to deliver?

We will have experts in the field to engage with and optional activities to produce a snapshot of our thoughts.

This Deep Dialogue series – Beyond COP: Is It Time to Change Course? – is held in support of the charitable mission of the English-Speaking Union. Every ticket sold will help the English-Speaking Union in its work to give young people the speaking and listening skills and cultural understanding they need to thrive.

Event Timings:

6:00 – 8:00pm | Drinks

8:00pm | Close

Further Information About the Series

Beyond COP: Is It Time to Change Course?

We are in the midst of an existential climate crisis, from extreme weather and ecosystem decline to biodiversity loss and crop failure. Climate change is also compounding inequality and has the potential to drive significant unrest if we fail to act now.

In the aftermath of COP 27 we have the opportunity to consider: Is our current approach enough to deal with the climate crisis or is it time to change course?

In this Climate Deep Dialogue we will explore this question and hear from scientists, academics, activists, politicians and entrepreneurs. We invite you to join us for a provocative, challenging, engaging and inspiring series of events, which will focus on finding the solutions to make radical progress on the climate crisis.

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