Thursday 26 January 18:00 - 20:00

85 Gresham St
85 Gresham Street

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CodeVerse - Embracing Neurodiversity in Tech 2023

Science & Technology

A host of speakers discussing visibility of neurodiversity within the tech space and the launch of our latest initiative supporting this.

Neurodiversity is increasingly becoming the topic of conversation across all sectors - CodeVerse have proudly partnered with Subject Matter Experts, 'Core Coaches' and 'Potential in Me' in hosting this event which will serve as a great opportunity to learn more about neurodiversity, what this means for the future of organisations and to engage with fellow executives who are also working to be front runners within this space.

The agenda for the evening will include:

Exploring the term 'neurodivergence' and the benefits of embracing and maximising the talents of people who think differently.

Understand the challenges that neurodivergent candidates face in the workplace.

Identify approaches to creating an inclusive work environment that supports neurodivergence.

Opportunity to reflect on where organisations are now and what they need

CodeVerse's enhanced support model for neurodiverse candidates

We look forward to seeing you there!

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