Thursday 24 June 18:00 - 20:30

Chart House
16 Chart Street
N1 6DD

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Collaboration and Care: Designing for a Net Zero Future

Business & Professional

A panel discussion exploring the role of collaboration in the built environment when designing sustainable, low-carbon buildings.

With achieving Net Zero a key driver across the built environment, how is the industry working together to deliver sustainable outcomes that better care for our buildings, cities and communities?

Recent years have seen a growth in industry-wide collaborations through the creation of tools, targets and resources to share knowledge and deliver these outcomes. Join HTS alongside leading industry experts for a panel discussion exploring approaches to collaboration and the value of knowledge sharing in the race towards net zero.


Laura Batty, senior technical research engineer and HTS+ lead - Heyne Tillett Steel

Kat Scott, Sustainability and Regenerative Design Manager - dRMM and taskforce leader at LETI.

Morris + Company

Grosvenor Estate

Alastair Kenyon - Alinea Cost Consultants


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