Thursday 14 November 18:00 - 21:00

Apt Gallery
London, SE8 4SG


Comfort blast

Performing & Visual Arts

Comfort Blast // Beyond Teddy bears and Comfort blankets

Transitional objects and phenomena are a concept in psychoanalysis first defined by Donald Winnicott and described as an element (usually an object) that is an embodiment of the bond between the infant and its mother. For the infant, the sense of the bond is becoming an illusion at first and then incarnates into an item or symbolic behavior. These incarnations are really “comfort” objects that through the imaginary are helping infants to cope with their anxieties. In adulthood, an analogue of this phenomenon can be traced in all the aspects of modern living, from production and consumption to collecting items, from habits and routines to even art practice. It seems that in adulthood the “comfort blanket” is present in a different, erratic and more complex form, hidden to our behavior towards things and habits that comfort us. 

Comfort Blast is an exhibition about the meaning of comfort objects in adulthood. Examining the subject not towards objects but rather in behavioral terms, the works will focus on the intermediate area of experiences that function as comfort. Considering memory as the starting point for everyone, evaluate habitual processes as comforting, the works will address the subject through these key factors.

Join us on the Private View on the 14th of November, at 6:00pm - 8:00pm, to meet the artists and leave the gallery with a free surprise artwork-comfort object. As part of the evening,  we are hosting an evening of 80's music tracks, remixed by the artists under the concept of Comfort Blast.


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