Monday 16 September 18:30 - 21:00

Big Chill
257-259 Pentonville Road
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Concrete London Workshop - Mindset : Setting objectives to reach your goals

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Concrete London is a non-profit, gathering mindful professionals for bi-monthly interactive evenings.

Concrete London Workshop – Mindset: How to set objectives to reach your goals and stick to them

Concrete London is a non-profit, gathering mindful professionals for bi-monthly interactive evenings focused around positive and effective personal and professional development.

Have you ever wondered how to be the best version of yourself? Well, we do and that’s why we have created Concrete London.

We strongly believe that you can do whatever you set our mind to, but sometimes you just need an extra bit of motivation or discipline…

And that’s what we are here for!

About this Event

Concrete London is hosting its very first evening workshop in London and we cannot wait to see you there! Our September workshop will be dedicated to the mindset and we will be covering the following topic: How to set objectives to reach your goals (and stick to them!)

What am I going to get out of it?

Whether you are trying to learn a new professional skill, to commit to a self-development routine, or laying the first bricks of a project, setting relevant objectives and sticking to them is going to be the most important thing to start with. You will leave our 2-hour workshop inspired, energised and with a strong plan, and a lot of useful tips and guidance to make your goal come true. You will also be part of a great community to bounce ideas off.

What is the format?

Please make sure that you answer the registration questions as space is limited and we want to make sure that we offer free seats for this thorough workshop to those who really want to become the best version of themselves J

6.30-7.00pm: arrival, instructions and networking

7.00-9.00pm: workshop starts promptly

9.00-9.30pm: check-out and drinks

We will be facilitating this series of interactive events using our proven workshop facilitation skills and a range of varied methods (design-thinking, problem solving, creativity booster, innovation games…).

You will leave with easy-to-use and straightforward tools and templates you can immediately make use of and we will be following-up with related content (articles, inspiration…) to make sure that you put what you’ve learnt into practice.

How can I learn more? / How can I help you?

Make sure that you follow Concrete London on LinkedIn for a weekly dose of inspiration! We are always happy to interact and discuss with you in the comments of our posts.

Volunteers, welcome! If this resonates with you, you are willing to give back and you have a bit of time on your hands, come and talk to one of our lovely team members during the event!

Interested in sponsoring one of our events around mindset, purpose or doing business? Kate will be happy to discuss suitable options with you and talk you through our 2019-2020 agenda.

Looking forward to seeing you on September 16th!


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