Monday 30 January 18:30 - 20:00

MAR 2.08
54 Lincoln's Inn Fields


Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment in Private Equity

School Activities

Dr Simon Witney, Peter Dunbar, and Professor Sarah Paterson, speak on private equity-backed companies

Private equity-backed companies matter to the real economy, which means that their corporate governance matters. Simon Witney, a practising private equity lawyer, explains the actual governance structures adopted by UK private equity-backed companies and argues that good governance is a critical success factor for the private equity industry. He also looks at the incentives of the individuals who populate those structures and explains when and why the decision-makers have incentives to focus on environmental and societal issues.

Speakers: Dr Simon Witney ( LSE) and Peter Dunbar (Head of Private Equity UN PRI) and Professor Sarah Paterson (LSE).

Chair: Professor Sarah Paterson (LSE)

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