Friday 22 November 19:00 - 20:30

Islington Arts Factory
2 Parkhurst Road
N7 0SF



Performing & Visual Arts

Seven artists coagulate to create work through the investigation of the colour cyan.


22nd Nov - 29th Nov

Private View 22nd November 7 - 9 pm

Islington Arts Factory // London

#CyanRar #IslingtonArtsFactory


Ko ‘Carol’ Huai-Ching, Youngha Kim, Aisling Browne, Natasha Moody, Robbie Di Vito, Ayshia Taskin, Rachel Innes

Specific colours have come to be imbued with symbols, meaning and histories while equally contributing, through their applications, to contemporary life. Therefore, for Cyan.rar, seven emerging artists coagulate to create work through the investigation of the colour cyan and the significance it has played in cultural, literacy, symbolic and internal topics.

The colour cyan is of a cosmopolitan greenish-blue tone and known by a variety of names; turquoise, electric blue, aqua and teal. The cyanic shade, induced through illumination, vividly expresses itself through the principal wavelength of between 490–520 nm (nanometres). A colour which captivatingly exists within a limonoid state amid green and blue hues. Along with magenta, black and yellow, cyan is included within the ‘primary colour’ schemata. The technical side of the colour cyan is its use, as an additive colour, within the RGB classification – a system which produces all colours viewed on a computer or television display. The naissance of cyan occurs through the mixture of equal amounts of green and blue light.

The Cyan.rar exhibition realises a congregation of artworks where participating artists grapple with concepts surrounding the colour cyan. The exhibition will host print-based, paintings and sculptural works exploring an array of subject matter from how the colour expressed in nature, culture and theology to the focus on the .rar aspect and the investigation of the subconscious mind through the excavation of layers ‘zipped’ within the human consciousness.


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