Thursday 12 September 17:30 - 20:00

Linnean Society Of London

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Darwin Vexed: A History of Emotions and Anger


What can looking at the past tell us about our feelings in the present? What can historical figures like Charles Darwin teach us about capturing and controlling our emotions? This is what the Living with Feeling project, based at Queen Mary University of London, sets out to explore. At this evening event, the project will launch its new audio series, The Sound of Anger, which explores the history and meanings of anger past and present. The series is produced by Natalie Steed and includes original features presented by historian Professor Thomas Dixon and two new audio dramas by playwright Craig Baxter, Darwin Vexed and Seneca Annoyed. This event will give a sneak preview of the first drama, about the making of Darwin’s seminal book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Come join us for expert panel discussions with Q&A, a live performance, and a drinks reception. The event is free. Event format (timings are approximate): 5.30-6pm: Arrival and welcome (drinks available)6-6.30pm: Roundtable 1: Professor Thomas Dixon, Professor Sarah Garfinkel and Dr Fern Riddell debate the meaning and value of anger in science, society, and politics. 6.30-7pm: Roundtable 2: Thomas Dixon, producer Natalie Steed and playwright Craig Baxter discuss the making of Darwin Vexed and Seneca Annoyed. 7pm: Refreshments served in the Library7.05-7.20pm: Performance of scenes from Darwin Vexed, with actors Michael Bertenshaw and Jasmine Hyde.7.20-8pm: Drinks and Networking Accessibility: The event will use the Linnean Society's Library and Meeting Room (rooms upstairs and downstairs). A lift is available. 

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