Thursday 25 April 18:00 - 21:00

123 Farringdon Road

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Disruptors 3 Launch Event

Community & Culture

Bringing people together to inform, network and celebrate stories of women from all walks of life who are challenging the status quo.

To commemorate the launch of the third issue of our magazine-book series, Disruptors which launches on International Womenโ€™s Day - March 8th 2024, we have put together a launch event to celebrate women all over the world challenging the status quo to create positive impact.

Disruptors shines a light on stories of women from all walks of life going against the grain, challenging the status quo in their spheres of influence. Disruptors 3 features women such as Emma Dabiri (Cover Star), Dr Charlotte Proudman, Anna Bateson, Justine Simons OBE, Annika Allen, Vanessa Vallely OBE, Sarah De Lagarde, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE, Morven Christie, Emma Wills, Emmie Faust, Mandy Sanghera, Leah Brown FRSA, Delyth Thomas, Yvonne Harrison, Patsy Stevenson, Munira Wilson MP and many more brilliant women.

The launch event will feature a panel discussion, talks and a networking session.

This event will place women at the centre of their stories while championing the term โ€˜disruptorโ€™โ€”often perceived negativelyโ€”to underscore its necessity through talks from trailblazing women who are challenging the status quo for positive impact in their lives and for everyone.

By centering women in their own narratives, this event aims to inform, foster community, raise awareness and provide actionable insights and solutions on issues affecting women.

Panel Discussion:

  • Women In Sports: Milestones, Challenges and The Future

What It Takes To Be A Disruptor In Today's World:

In Conversation With:

  • Delyth Thomas
  • Leah Brown FRSA
  • Mandy Sanghera
  • Patsy Stevenson


  • Sophia Ufy Ukor: Founder, Violet Simon
  • Yvonne Harrison: CEO, Women In Football
  • Niki Wilburn Shaw: Partner Brandsmith (Sports & Family Law), Board Member of Women In Boxing
  • Delyth Thomas: 3x Bafta-nominated Director, Co-founder of Call it!
  • Leah Brown FRSA: Founder & CEO of Broadstairs Consulting, Speaker & Writer
  • Mandy Sanghera: Award-winning philanthropist, International Human Rights Activist and Tedx Speaker
  • Patsy Stevenson: Equal Rights activist, Writer & Speaker.

More Speakers to be announced

Dress Code: Semi-Formal

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