Thursday 21 November 18:00 - 20:30

90 Long Acre
#4th Floor

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Djugl: Django vs Flask

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DJUGL: Django vs Flask

DJUGL: Django vs Flask

DJUGL is back and for the first time ever, we'll be exploring developer's opinions on which framework is better out of "Django vs Flask".

This will be a fun evening filled with controversial opinions where our 4 speakers will be sharing their thoughts & ideas. We will be providing the usual drinks & pizza for all.

We are also really excited to announce Comply Advantage as the DJUGL hosts for the first time. They have recently moved into their brand new offices in Convent Garden are sharing their fabulous space with the Python community.

What is DJUGL?

For those new to DJUGL, we meet quarterly (ish) for engaging tech talks and great conversations.

It's a free to attend, fun social event for Django enthusiasts who are keen to expand their knowledge, share news, niggles and of course meet new people.

So whether you’re looking to upskill, meet django users, find a job or employee, speak in front of your peers or learn something new, DJUGL offers everything. There are drinks and pizza provided by our long term sponsors Austin Fraser.

Comply Advantage

Compliance doesn’t have to be painful. At ComplyAdvantage, we show businesses the real risk of who they're working with using the world’s only dynamic global risk database of people and companies. Our suite of configurable cloud services integrates seamlessly to help automate and reduce the frustration of complying with Sanctions, AML and CFT regulations.


Jessica Molley - [email protected]

Ross Lewis - [email protected]


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