Tuesday 17 December 18:30 - 21:00

32, Aybrook Street

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Does the blockchain scalability trilema exist?

Science & Technology

Decentralization, security, scalability , can we have all? A debate with stakeholders hands on experience in the blockchain space.

The Scalability Trilemma, a term coined by Vitalik Buterin, refers to the tradeoffs that blockchain based projects must make when deciding how to optimize the underlying architecture of their own blockchain. The trilemma Vitalik is referring to involves three components: decentralization, security, and scalability.Private vs public blockchains scalability issues to be discussed with experts involved in the space.


  • 6:30 Welcome
  • 6:45 Keynote
  • 7:05 Laurence Kirk - Founder Extropy.IO
  • 7:20 Talks
  • 8:00 Panel discussion "Does the scalability trilema exist? "
  • 9:00 Drinks & nibbles - Networking

Laurence Kirk - CEO Extropy

After a successful 15 year career writing low latency financial applications Laurence moved to Oxford and set up Extropy.IO, a consultancy working with start-ups in the UK and overseas, developing blockchain solutions. He is passionate about community education, set up the Oxford Blockchain Society and the Oxford Ethereum meetup group, and for the last 3 years he has been running monthly workshops for developers wanting to learn about blockchain technology. Laurence holds a Physics degree from Durham University, and currently taking his MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford University.

Lineup of speakers in progress. To take active part as speaker or panelist please fill this form or contact the organizer

About Trustless Ecosystems 2030 Meetups

The original #TrustlessEcosytems group was launched in July 2018 to facilitate knowledge sharing within and around blockchain and foster trust in blockchain-based projects. After 12 months, having gathered 800 members and organized multiple events in a fast-moving space is now time to focus on fostering the adoption of blockchain-based systems within the real world, a new chapter called Trustless Ecosystem 2030 was launched on Aug 2019 to strengthen the dialogue between real and blockchain world, merging them into unique Trustless Ecosystems.

The format turns around panel discussions focused on specific topic that span from security, usability, compliance, governance interoperability. Panelists from the start up ecosystem and from relevant industries are invited to share their knowledge and direct experiences combination of friendly panel discussions and short talks, the audience is a mix of techies/blockchain entrepreneurs/experts/learners.


The event is sponsored by TIIQU and kindly hosted by INSEEC -UNIVERSITY LONDON .

Photos and filming

During the event we will be taking photos and videos, please inform the organizer before the event if you do not want to appear in pictures.

Speaking opportunities

If you are actively involved in a blockchain/ AI -based project and you want to contribute to this or other panel discussions, please fill this form


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