Wednesday 6 November 18:30 - 21:00

Green Room at Century Club
61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue

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Don't launch the wrong product: Better decisions with experimentation


Join Conversion and Amplitude for an evening of drinks, networking and lightning talks from special guest speakers from Zoopla and Domino's.

Everything we produce is the result of our choices. Which products do we roll out? Which do we roll back? And which ideas never even make it to the backlog?

The problem is - most of us suck at making choices.

Decisions are made by consensus, based on opinion not evidence. We're riddled with subjectivity and bias, often masquerading as "experience", "best practice" or "gut instinct".

But there's a better way - using data and experimentation as a way to define your product roadmap. You can use experimentation inform product - not just validate it.


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