Saturday 13 April 10:00 - 17:30

To be announced!
To be announced!

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EasyA x Ripple Hackathon: win £20,000 in cash! [SPECIAL EXTRA EARLY ACCESS]

Science & Technology

Want to build a startup? This is your chance to launch it with expert mentors! No code? No problem - you can pitch your idea and win too!

The Ripple x EasyA Hackathon promises to be one of London's most fascinating hackathons of the year! Best of all, it's happening right in the center of London. IRL. Right at the start of the new year!

We're teaming up with Ripple to give away £20,000 to the best projects built at this hackathon. In just 36 hours, you could walk away with an absolutely massive prize that could help you launch the world's next unicorn! Make sure you sign up before spots run out!

What's it all about?

Don't let the word 'hackathon' scare you. Unlike the movies, you won't be hacking into anything. Instead, all 'hacking' means is doing something really quickly. Here, you'll be coming up with ideas on the weekend! You'll also have expert mentors on hand to bounce ideas across with!

What sort of ideas, you ask? This hackathon, we'll be focusing on financial technology (aka FinTech). If you've heard of Revolut or Monzo, those are all FinTech startups. So you'll be coming up with ideas for what FinTech startup you'd want to build. That could be anything from an app that helps people invest money more easily all the way up to a decentralized exchange where people can trade assets.

Coding and no-code welcome!

Coders are welcome, yes! But if you don't know how to code, you're welcome too! After all, Steve Jobs couldn't code, but he had brilliant ideas and knew exactly how to market a product. So whether you're the idea guy or the coder, there's a space for you! We'll be doing team building on the weekend, so if you don't want to go solo or don't already have a team, you'll be able to find the perfect people to help you!

Experts from the FinTech world, coding world and more will be present in-person team will be present in person to help out! Whatever your knowledge-level, or whether you're a student or professional, we encourage you to attend! Past hackathon projects have turned into million-dollar startups - who knows, that could be you next!

Not a programmer? This hackathon is open to everyone regardless of technical experience (whether it’s ideation, marketing or presenting). We even have a special prize dedicated for non-coders!

Free to enter. Free food. Free code-level support available in-person 24/7.

What are you going to build on?

If you're coding, you'll build on the XRP Ledger EVM - the new Ethereum-compatible chain launcing on the XRP Ledger! That means you can use all the tools you already know and love, like Solidity, Remix and fork all your favourite Ethereum projects!

If you're not coding, then you'll just need to come up with an awesome idea/business which can use this tech!

What’s the best that could happen? Sign up ASAP!


>£20,000! More being announced on our Twitter here! 🚀


🎤 Live panels - from the experts actually from Ripple and in Web3. Ask away and learn information before anyone else!

🛠 Workshops - if you’ve never used blockchain before, the best instructors in the world are here to help.

💻 Competition - 36 hours to build a project that solves a problem, then present on Demo Day.

💰 Prize Money - £20,000 that will go out to the best projects built over the weekend!

💼 Job/Internship opportunities - Web3 recruiters and VCs will be at the event, so don’t miss out on your next big opportunity!

🏫 Venue - great wifi, comfortable desks, all day food as well as lounges to relax.

Get a taste of what to expect here:


📆 13-14 April, 2024


📍 To be announced!

The 36-hour EasyA x Ripple hackathon will kick off on 13 April. You won't want to miss this opportunity!

Builders of all levels are encouraged to build, meet and mingle!

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

Check out more EasyA challenges and events on our website here:

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