Tuesday 15 October 18:30 - 21:00

The Telegraph
111 Buckingham Palace Road

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Failing your way to success

Science & Technology

This month the Women in Tech Club is partnering with The Telegraph Engineering Group and Women in Tech Not Just Code Network to bring an event which aims to look at success and failure from a different angle. Many people confuse success and/or failure with their sense of self-value. This event is geared towards helping individuals separate external events from their personal identity. to bring an event which aims to look at success and failure from a different angle. Many people confuse success and/or failure with their sense of self-value. This event is geared towards helping individuals separate external events from their personal identity.

The speakers will openly - and honestly - share their own stories of success and failure but most importantly they will talk about how they used these moments as learning opportunities. Hopefully, their stories will help you find value  stemming from your own experiences.


Who is this event for

This event is for everyone who wants to explore a new path and a new definition when it comes to the concepts of success and failure. It is also for those who are wise enough to learn from them. During this event we want to create a safe space where each person feels empowered enough to be honest with themselves and others and find the courage to share their own stories. Admitting to our mistakes and learning from them is, perhaps, the only way to eliminate them. Let’s learn from each other and grow together.

Women In Tech Club aims to create a space where women feel supported and empowered, where they can form real connections, where they can be inspired by others and feel included. Women in Tech Club welcomes not only women but everyone who wants to contribute in creating more inclusive working environments and narrowing down the gender gap within the Technology industry. Therefore, this group is open to both male and female founders, leaders, entrepreneurs and any individual who works within the tech sector with technical or non technical expertise who wants to empower women and champion gender equality within the workplace. 

Women in Tech not Just Code is for women (and our allies) who work in technology.It's a community where women who have a technical job or work in the tech sector company can belong. We provide a place where all women can engage with like minded individuals to share experiences or ideas. By providing support to each other, we can inspire one another to be confident and to believe in ourselves. The Telegraph is the first member of this network bringing together BA's Product Managers, Data Scientists, Engineering & Operations, UX etc and building a community looking beyond STEM & coding. #WITNJC



18:30 - 19:15 - Networking (with drinks and nibbles)

19:15-19:30 - Introductions & special thanks - Ciro Rizzo

19:30 - 19:45 - Failure is not the opposite of success - Yota Trom, Leadership & Career Coach 

19:45 - 20:00 - We are born to fail learn … why failure learning is the meaning to life - Carol Johnson, IT Director Telegraph Group 

20:00-20-:15 - Machine Learning, Careers, Bias and you! - Laurence Moroney, Head of AI Advocacy at Google

20:15 - 20:30 - Q&A 

20:40 - 21:00 - Networking (with drinks and pizza)

About Yota Trom

Yota Trom is a Leadership & Career Coach who specialises in coaching emerging leaders within the Technology industry. Combined with 13+ years experience of holding a variety of senior roles within high-profile companies, such as Amazon and Yahoo, she regularly consults organisations on how to build a flexible high-performance culture, foster teamwork, and effectiveness. She is also the founder of Women in Tech Club and a guest lecturer at the School of Management department at UCL.


About Carol Johnson

As IT Director for the Telegraph, Carol Johnson is responsible for the safe delivery of the newspaper, website & applications and manages IT security, enterprise engineering, business apps, ITSM & support services including the delivery and transition of new services into production.  She has been successful in transforming the operations & delivery of tech solutions, driving service culture & behavioural change.  Carol built a women-in-tech support network and pioneered a school project that engaged a younger diverse audience and breaking barriers to encourage girls into tech roles.  She is also the founder of Women in Tech Not Just Code (#WITNJC) and was awarded CIO of the Year at the Women in IT Excellence Awards 2018.


About Laurence Moroney

Laurence Moroney is the head of Developer Advocacy for AI at Google with a mission to change the world for developers by equipping them for the ML and AI revolution. He teaches the popular TensorFlow specialization at Coursera with Andrew Ng, and is a regular keynote speaker at events around the world. He's particularly passionate about the opportunities afforded by AI and ML to empower the traditionally underserved, and enthusiastic about helping everyone to succeed. As the owner of the TensorFlow and Google AI channels on YouTube he has also worked extensively to understand what makes developers tick, and how companies like Google can do better at eliminating bias. 




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We thank our hosts at The Telegraph

As always, we couldn't do what we do without the help of our event volunteers. If you want to volunteer or participate at our events, contact Yota ([email protected]).


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