Thursday 6 February 18:30 - 21:00

RS Components
2 Pancras Rd
Kings Cross

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Find a Tech Job - London

Science & Technology

  •  Want a new challenge?

  • Looking for a new and exciting project?

  • Want to talk directly with employers (not recruitment agents)?

You need to join us for the next Find a Tech Job event!!

If you're looking for a new role, our events give you a chance to:

  • find out about interesting projects and roles

  • meet face to face with members of a company’s technical team

  • learn more about a company’s practices and technical processes before applying for a role

Attending a Find a Tech Job event gives you the chance to hear from a number of different companies, both large and small, who are all looking for great tech talent to join them.

For employers, our events provide a platform to go beyond the job spec and present your companies to prospective candidates.

A huge thank you to RS Components for sponsoring and hosting us!

**NB: For security, we need EVERYONE to sign up for a ticket. No ticket, no entry!


6:30pm - Register, make a badge, grab a beer and start networking 
7:10pm - Words from our sponsors, followed by 2-minute presentations from companies on their background and the roles they have available
7:50-ish - More drinks and networking until we close at around 9 pm

**Unfortunately recruitment companies are not permitted to attend this event.


When you arrive, pick a badge to show whether you're hiring (direct employer) or looking to be hired (candidate). Then use our Skillset Stickers to show which skillsets you have, or which you’re looking for. The coloured badges and iconic stickers make it easy to spot whom you want to talk to, even across a roomful of people. One matching sticker is usually enough to start a conversation.

Find A Tech Job event in London is being sponsored by RS Components - our thanks to them.

Increasingly powered by digital technology, we’re our customers’ one-stop-shop for electronic products and components. We began in a north-west London garage supplying spare parts to radio repair shops back in 1937. Today, we’re using digital to revolutionize the way we do business and strengthen our position as the people engineers turn to for help, advice and knowledge.

But if we’re going to be first choice for customers, we also want to be first choice for our future colleagues. We’re looking for people who are passionate to support the customers of today, and the engineers of tomorrow. Together we keep innovation at the forefront of what we do. Do you?

Our Transformation

RS Components are on the right road! …through a number of strategic transformations we are emerging as an Agile, DevOps & Technology focussed organisation, that recognises the need for agility, speed of delivering change for our business and to customers, whilst ensuring high standards of quality, security and stability. Our aspirations are high, but we recognise that transformation is hard, it requires us to be deliberate in providing autonomy to the right teams and individuals; driving decision making to the lowest possible level. Our cross-functional Product Engineering teams work in customer domains and assume strong ownership of their implementations and metrics. We are looking to recruit more like-minded individuals to help us continue our transformation!

Our Tech

Our transformation requires us to continue to break out of our monoliths and build geographically distributed systems in cloud-based infrastructure. Product Engineering teams owning, building and running our business capabilities and customer experiences. We are leveraging new technology and adopting contemporary engineering practices; shifting Quality as far left in the development life-cycle as possible, to ensure that we can repeatedly deliver change fast and in a robust, secure & responsible manner.

We are on the right road, but need to extend our engineering capability to answer questions like…How do we manage our Federated GraphQL layers, embed a UX design system into our React component libraries… appropriately manage access into our core capabilities, for our internal and external customers… How do we embed a culture of Experimentation using Optimizely In our Atlas Server-Side Rendering framework (based on next.js)?…to name but a few.

RS Engineering has now onboarded our second cohort of Software Engineering Apprentices, we value the upcoming talent in our communities, however, we need experienced experts in the field to mentor and coach our future experts!

There are a number of opportunities within the Engineering teams, from DevOps advocates to Software Engineers in Test, to Front End Specialists. Some of these roles are in team delivering customer change from prioritised product backlogs and some are part of our Engineering Practice, that enable transformation across the whole community, working on architecting solutions, patterns and practices that can be adapted and augmented by the wider engineering team through collaboration and inner-sourcing.


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