Tuesday 7 February 18:00 - 20:30

Saint Katharine's Way

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Footprint Digital Presents...The Sustainable Future of Digital

Business & Professional

Roundtable thought leadership & networking event with experts in multiple industries discussing how we can make digital sustainable.

Fο»Ώootprint Digital Presents...The Sustainable Future of Digital.

We have teamed up with some incredible expert speakers to bring you an event that will get you thinking, learning, questioning and networking all in one.

Broadly, we will be examining where the future of digital sustainability may take us with experts in SEO, Law, Trust, and Net Zero consultancy.

Combining knowledge of current legislation, trends and consumer opinion, we will tackle how we can work collaboratively to actively work towards a more sustainable future.

With panel members from Trustpilot, RPC (law firm), Net Zero International, What's Possible Group and Footprint Digital, you will leave with a wider perspective on what is arguably one of the most important topics of 2023 and beyond.

Upon signing up for the event we will send you out a short digital brochure to help get you thinking and to help shape any questions you may want to ask our experts.

Nο»Ώibbles and drinks will be provided on the night.

We cannot wait to see you!

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