Wednesday 6 November 16:00 - 20:00

The Clubhouse London
8 Saint James's Square

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FourZeroTwo - Single Article Sales Launch Event

Business & Professional

Join us at our FourZeroTwo Launch Event and find out how we bring value back to knowledge for publishers and content creators

The Future Shaping Media Company are launching FourZeroTwo to return value back to knowledge

Here at The Future Shaping Media Company we are passionate about our purpose of returning value back to knowledge. This means that we are permanently pioneering the protection and value of digital content for its creators, driving for fairness in the exchange and consumption of digital content and exploring the use of technology to increase integrity, ownership, trust and value of digital content.

We believe that part of the solution for both readers and writers is the ability for content to be paid for when it is read.

With that end in mind we have designed and built FourZeroTwo and would be delighted if you join us at our launch event.

We will share with you our vision, what we have done and how we see FourZeroTwo changing the media landscape.

For those technically minded you'll have the opportunity to get under the bonnet as we showcase the secret sauce in FourZeroTwo. You’ll also hear from users in how FourZeroTwo is adding to their business models and media commentators on its potentially disruptive impact.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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