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FREE 2-DAY Blockchain Bootcamp for Software Engineers

Science & Technology

Calling all blockchain blockchain developers, software engineers, fullstack developers, UI/UX designers, applied researchers, data scientists, CTO's, devops and computer science students or recent graduates to attend our high quality bootcamp for FREE brought to you by

This two-day Blockchain Developer Bootcamp is made possible thanks to our amazing team. 

About Work on Blockchain

Work on Blockchain is a global hiring platform for technical professionals aimed at the blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies space. The platform launched on September 2018 and now have over 250+ vetted candidates looking for work and the number of active candidates are increasing daily, most with strong commercial blockchain experience. The platform is a valuable hiring tool for companies in search for technical experts in a “short supply and high demand market”. The platform have attracted the attention blockchain developers, software engineers, full stack engineers, UI/UX designers, applied researchers, data scientists, devops, architects, CTO’s and recent computer science graduates from across the world. Check out their website on


“Blockchain engineers are in high demand with 14 job openings per one qualified blockchain developer”. Source: Techcrunch, Feb 14th, 2018.

Will you be the next blockchain developer? Now is your chance to become one for FREE. All we asked from you is your time, passion and commitment to learn. This is a very popular bootcamp and we can only accomodate a maximum of 40 students per class. We have been oversubscribed for the past 6 months, hence please make sure you are fully commited prior to entering our program. 

Our overall aim is to train as many software developers as possible, provide our students the intuition on distributed systems, cryptography, the blockchain, smart contract security, real-world applications, hands-on coding experience, group projects and more...

Due to popular demand and positive feedback from our students, we aim to run this boot camp monthly. We have trained over 430+ developers to date since Jan 2017. Our students have gone on to work as a blockchain developer, moved into the research field, set up their own start-up in the blockchain space and some are now a core part of our workshop team.

Our workshop consists of topics that all future blockchain developers must know with plenty of Q&A throughout and we incorporate multiple hands-on coding sessions. To help our students further, we provide three month on-line support, students work on a group project and invite them back at the end of the 3 months to present their project to the whole class. Our goal is to help regular software developers and computer science students  enter the blockchain space. This workshop is also available on-site for start-ups and corporates at your desired location (chargeable), alternatively we can offer the bootcamp to companies and universities around the world providing our flights and accomodation are covered. Please inquire via email to [email protected] 

Some of the areas we cover but not limited to are:

Day One
Intro to Blockchains, Bitcoin and Byzantine Fault Tolerant Networks plus more...
Intro to Ethereum and Smart Contracts plus more...
Series of hands-on coding on Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts Security and Ethereum Internals - Cryptography, Consensus, EVM, Privacy plus more...
Smart Contracts Design and Best Practices
Deep dive on a bonus topic chosen by our students
What to know as a Blockchain Developer plus more...
Series of hands-on coding on Ethereum and Smart Contracts
More info on what we cover can be found on page 5 of this document by clicking HERE.


To qualify, 6 months of current coding experience is a must or either currently studying in their final year, about to graduate or recently graduated from a computer science/software engineering subject. This workshop consists of a series of hands-on coding exercise, hence as a minimum requirement, all our students must be proficient in writing code. We are looking for individuals who are GENUINELY PASSIONATE about working in the blockchain space.

You must be committed to attend the full two-day workshop followed by a commitment to work on a group project for 3 months which is conducted remotely together with your chosen group. The purpose of the group project is to help you continue learning. If you feel ready after 3 months, you can join our FREE advanced Ethereum (EVM) workshop. 

What's next after the workshop?

We hope our students will continue to code and conduct their own research on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms. To help our students succeed, we allow up to three months for further Q&A in relation to Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Security, Privacy, Scalability etc. We also have further coding sessions for our students to work on with our guidance.

Our students are required to work on a group project and once completed, we will offer our services free of charge to audit the project code (if built on Ethereum) and provide guidance where necessary. Finally, we invite our students back to present their project to the whole class.

Securing a job in the blockchain space:

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge required to become a blockchain developer and help our students enter this exciting new space. We have built an on-line hiring platform to help our students secure a job when they are ready via completely free of charge.

Our team:

Antonio Sabado (Core organiser) Founder of and organiser of several blockchain tech focused groups. Building a vibrant blockchain tech community since Jan 2017 through a series of technical workshops, hackathons and deep dive sessions. Over 10 years experience building software engineering teams across a number of global investment banks specifically in the front office trading space.

Patrick McCorry (Co-instructor and hands-on support), Founder of Pisa. Previously assistant professor at King’s College London and University College London. His focus is cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, cryptography and decentralised systems. Patrick is the UK’s first PhD graduate in Cryptocurrencies and his work has recently appeared at Devcon 3 & 4, Scaling Bitcoin 2017, Breaking Bitcoin 2017 and BPASE 2018 alongside numerous academic venues. 

Laurence Kirk (Co-instructor and hands-on support), after a successful 15 year career writing low latency financial applications Laurence moved to Oxford and set up, a consultancy working with start-ups in the UK and overseas, developing blockchain solutions. Laurence hold a Physics degree from Durham University, and currently taking his MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford University. In addition to giving talks, mentoring at hackathons, and running groups about blockchain technology, Laurence also organises an Artificial Intelligence group in Oxford.

Nick Johnson (On-line support) is a Senior Software Engineer and has been working in the software engineering space for the past 16 years. Nick is currently working as a core Software Engineer for the Ethereum Foundation, and founder and lead developer for ENS, and prior to this, he worked at Google for a number of years.

Jack Tanner (On-line support) is a passionate advocate for blockchain technology and loves teaching technical concepts in an understandable way. He completed a Masters in Computer Science at Imperial College London. Previously at as a senior blockchain engineer and researcher. Founder and CTO of and has been involved in numerous blockchain projects and educational events around the world since 2015.

Julien Bouteloup (Senior hands-on mentor and on-line support) holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from USA and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from France where he specialised in Artificial Intelligence, decentralised systems and security back in 2009.

He has built multiple tech businesses from energy trading, high frequency trading, decentralised identity, autonomous transportation systems and won multiple competitions worldwide. He was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2009 and then Ethereum in 2015. He is now involved full-time in decentralised applications, Blockchain, Ethereum, Game and Computability Theory, AI, Cryptographic and Machine learning algorithms.

Ali Azam (Senior hands-on mentor and on-line support) is a senior Blockchain Developer at Vaultplatform, previously worked at King’s College London for over two years and have given various workshops and keynotes at King’s College London, Devcon4, Blockercon and many other places. Ali loves to teach and works hard to make the dream of decentralisation become a reality.

Harry Wright (Senior hands-on mentor and on-line support)

Harry is a software engineer based London. His passion for blockchain began in 2016 after reading Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos, which quickly led to an interest in Ethereum and all things crypto. Previously worked as a senior Ethereum Engineer at Totle, a decentralised exchange aggregator, where he spent most of his time developing smart contracts and backend systems. Prior to joining Totle, he worked on the innovation team at Calastone, a fintech company, where he developed a blockchain-based distributed platform for mutual fund transactions. With a background in embedded systems, Harry is currently finishing a part time Masters in Computer Science at the University of London.


“This has been an amazing workshop. I learned so so much, got energized and motivated to become a blockchain developer. Don't think twice. Come to the workshop, take a place in first row, learn, code and enjoy”.


“Amazing workshop. The content is exactly what developers need to kickstart their involvement with the blockchain. Sound theoretical foundation and good hands-on coding”


“A pleasure to spend this weekend learning at Work on Blockchain's blockchain developer training course. Covering smart contracts, lightning networks, and cryptocurrencies, it was a fabulous way to continue my work in blockchain.

Would absolutely recommend all their content for any software engineers keen to enter the blockchain space. An excellent introduction, continuing support, and a fabulous network to hook participants into industry.”


We are happy to provide as many testimonials as possible.

Workshop Location: To be announced 

Networking session:

Time to unwind! We invite our students to join our networking drinks from 18:00 onwards on Saturday and Sunday. This is a great opportunity to get to know our students. We want our students to become a core part of our developer community and foster collaboration. 


As from January 2019, we are looking for a minimum of five companies to sponsor our monthly bootcamp. If your company is looking for developer exposure, looking to hire awesome developers from our class, want to help us drive the blockchain developer ecosystem plus more, please reach out to Antonio Sabado on [email protected]

Please view the following sponsorship proposal here:


If anyone want to anonymously donate for the awesome work we are doing for the blockchain community, you can make your donations here.

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