Thursday 22 April 17:00 - 20:30

13 Soho Square
13 Soho Square


GATES | 13 Soho Square, London

Performing & Visual Arts

Eve Leibe Gallery is pleased to present GATES, a group show co-curated by Caterina Licitra-Ponti in collaboration with Project13, London.

This exhibitionis featuring the works of Cristina O’Hanlon, Lena Grewenig, Lukas Luzius Leichtle, Marianne Vlaschits and Marta Pierobon exploring their personal body as a muse.

The human body is the Logos of the community. The artists are recognized, they feel safe, they find their creativity and joy through their mediums. This ritual of the body unifies them in the 13 Project that it’s a community based on sustainability and circular economy building in London. 

GATES is the arrival and departure, creating an optimistic opportunity, with society in such transitional flux. The artworks are governing our creative emotions, becoming a survival mechanism, producing altered states of consciousness, empowering people to exist. The warming calm connects the artists with figurative parts of the body, providing the visitors to enter a “cocoon-like” of themself. Once the blurred line of the intimate becomes interactive, it makes one think of the intimacy of the spaces, the special moments that happen in our everyday lives. Given its limited run, it only adds to the specialness of it - of being part of something that’s transient and fleeting, something we can look back.

Text by Caterina Licitra-Pont


We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition, we will take all the necessary precautions to maintain social distancing for visitors and colleagues.

The measures include limiting the number of visitors to the gallery space and wearing a face covering during your visit. To see the exhibition please book an appointment on our website or by clicking the button below.

Our opening times 22 - 30 April Monday - Sunday 11 am - 6.30 pm


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