Thursday 14 November 18:00 - 19:00

The Geological Society

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Geological Society London November Public Lecture - Evening

Science & Technology

Volcanoes and past climate: adventures with deep carbon

Tamsin Mather, University of Oxford 

Volcanoes are spectacular natural phenomena. Earth has experienced volcanism since its beginnings and observing a volcanic eruption is a truly primeval experience. Volcanoes have shaped our planet and have been key in creating and maintaining its habitability. However, they can also be deadly natural hazards and are implicated in some of the greatest environment crises in Earth’s history, such as mass extinction events.


In this talk, volcanologist Professor Tamsin Mather will explore some of the different types of volcanic activity that we see on Earth today and have seen over its geological history. Volcanism is intimately linked with our planet's geological carbon cycle and therefore its long-term climate. This talk will reveal how studying volcanic gases and rocks today can give us fundamental insights on some of the drivers of long-term global climate evolution and some of the most profound environmental changes in geological history including mass extinction events.

17.30 Registration

18.00 Lecture begins

18.45 Questions and answers

19.00 Lecture ends and there is a short soft drinks reception in the lower library

20.00 Close


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