Saturday 26 September 14:00 - 15:30

Béla Bartók Memorial
9 Old Brompton Road

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Global Bartók Flash Mob


Bring your voice and your instrument to celebrate folk music and Béla Bartók. Sing along with others. Music "from the clearest springs"!

Global Bartók Flash Mob September 26, 2020

In Memoriam Béla Bartók

(March 25, 1881. – September 26, 1945.)

“Nevermore their mouth will

Drink from cups and jugs but

From the clearest springs.”

Béla Bartók, Cantata Profana (1930)

Music “...but from the clearest springs”

From Hungary to Algeria – the composer Béla Bartók collected more than 10,000 folk songs at the beginning of the 20th century. The aim of the Bartók Flash Mob is to put the spotlight on “how pure folk music has survived in modern society”. With the systematic recording and notation of Algerian, Turkish, Romanian or Hungarian folk songs Bartók not only established musicology, the science of folk music, but he helped to survive one of human races greatest heritage. The core of folk songs is older than any written memory and through the pentatonic scale they connect humanity. The American Native Indians, the Szeklers of Transylvania or the Mongolian traditional singers are all using the same ‘musical DNA’ to entertain, mourn or celebrate.

The project - Pure folk music

The flash mob takes place simultaneously worldwide on the same day.

A single person or a group of amateurs, semi-professionals or even professional musicians can perform a piece of music in public. A folk song or a folk music based classical, jazz, rock piece could be performed.

It would be great if the tune is collected or written by Bartók and Kodály or the performed piece is based on their collection.

Date and time: 09. 26. 2020 between sunrise and sunset (Greenwich mean time)

What should I do if I want to participate in this worldwide flash mob?

You have to register with us. Send an email to: [email protected]

Please include the following information:

1. The name of the performer(-s) and the name of the instrument they use

2. The title of the piece you are intending to perform

3. The name of the location and the time you are planning to perform and the name of the person will record the performance

Please make it sure the local authorities are aware of your performance. Send them a note about your activity just to be on the safe side!

The afterlife of the project

Someone will record each local performance on a phone or any other simple recording device and upload the unedited video to a single online location like YouTube. The recordings as an archive will be accessible to the public.

Let’s put a smile on Bartók’s face! BARTÓK CULTURAL SOCIETY MAOSZ


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