Tuesday 10 January 19:00 - 21:00

The Wren Coffee
114 Queen Victoria Street

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Gospel Patrons United Kingdom Film Night

Religion & Spirituality

Join us as we share our latest film - The Life and Patronage of Sir John Laing.

You may have never thought about how the M1 Motorway plays a key part in university students hearing about Jesus, both in the UK and around the world. If you've ever crossed the Severn Bridge you may have missed that its construction helped plant hundreds of churches. In this short film we will hear how these projects generated resources that have fuelled gospel ministry for generations.

Sir John Laing, Engineer and Gospel Patron is an inspiration to any Christian in business and yet his story is largely untold. Join us for a special screening of this short film detailing his unseen ministry of patronage and hear from the ministry leaders who still benefit from his big-hearted vision for the gospel.

With drinks and Canapes from 7pm, our event will include plenty of time to network and catch up with one another in the new year, and will conclude at 9pm.

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