Thursday 30 January 17:30 - 20:30

Greenwood - Sports Pub & Kitchen
170 Victoria Street

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Green Finance Careers Networking

Business & Professional

A monthly meetup for green finance/sustainable finance professionals, and those who wish to join the sector

I thought it would be useful to organise a meetup for others who work in green finance and those who are looking to join the sector.

Anyone who is currently working (or is looking to work) in green finance is more than welcome.

My thesis around the climate emergency is that we need to see a huge shift of capital from 'bad investments' to green investments. 'Bad' in this instance almost covering everything that doesn't directly help avert this crisis. To do so we need a parallel shift in people moving into this sector, to attract and deploy that capital.

I'll buy the first people arriving a round of drinks


  • Drinks
  • Informal networking
  • Knowledge sharing

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