Tuesday 4 October 19:00 - 22:00

St Peter’s Vere Street

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Growing on the Frontline Launch Evening

Religion & Spirituality

Celebrate the launch of our powerful new group resource! Hear from the creators how it’ll help you grow more like Christ as you live for him

Celebrate the launch of our powerful new group resource!

We all want to put our faith into practice in real life – not just talking the talk but walking the walk.

But in the heat of the moment, our fears and desires get in the way, and all too often we find ourselves doing the opposite of what we know Jesus would. So how can we grow into the kind of people who take the opportunities for fruitfulness God gives us every day – living in a way that makes earth that bit more like heaven?

That’s where our new flagship resource Growing on the Frontline comes in! Through a combination of group discussion, Bible study, and spiritual practices, it helps us explore the obstacles to fruitfulness we carry inside us, and gives us the tools to overcome them in collaboration with the Holy Spirit. Not just ‘in the quiet’, but out there in God’s world – growing by doing.

It follows on from Fruitfulness on the Frontline, which inspired hundreds of thousands with a vision of what it means to join in God’s kingdom work in daily life.

If you want to take the next step towards living like Jesus, or if you’re a fan of Fruitfulness on the Frontline and want more – join the presenters and creators to discover Growing on the Frontline for yourself!

Hosted at our London HQ, it’s set to be an inspiring, celebratory evening, complete with delicious finger food, lively worship, and insightful talks (plus a free gift or two!).


Tim Yearsley, Programme Leader – Emerging Generations

Tim leads LICC’s engagement with 18s-30s across the UK, working from his home base of sunny Nottingham. He’s enthusiastic about helping Christians live authentic lives of faith in this culture. In his spare time he plays in a metal band and enjoys international film, running, and being told that he’s pretentious by his wife. Tim is one of the two presenters on Growing on the Frontline, alongside Ennette.

Ennette Lainchbury

Ennette is one of the two presenters on Growing on the Frontline, alongside Tim. She studied Law in Nottingham, where she met her husband, and where she still lives. As well as a brief spell in the legal profession, she’s spent time working as a church intern, in waitressing (which to her delight she loved), and in retail.

She now owns and runs Imago Dei Wellbeing, a yoga business with a clear Christian ethos, which aims ‘to bring Christ-centred mindfulness into the physical practice of yoga, reorientating it to how God always intended it to be: a tool we can use to worship himwith our bodies in physical exercise.’ It’s open to all, and aimed particularly at those who want to try yoga but aren't sure how to integrate it with their faith in Jesus. Through this work, she’s grown a deep understanding of how spiritual practices, including physical movement, can help grow us as disciples of Christ.

Ennette is an alumna of LICC’s ReWork day conference, appeared in our 40 Faces, 40 Places devotional journey, and has shared about how she sees God at work in her daily life on our Instagram feed.

Mark Greene, Mission Champion

Mark is the author of the modern classic Thank God It’s Monday and the ever-popular Fruitfulness on the Frontline. Before joining LICC, he was Vice-Principal at the London School of Theology, and prior to that spent a decade in advertising in London and New York. A lover of film, he does a reasonable imitation of Rowan Atkinson and a terrible one of Sean Connery. His wife wishes it were the other way round. His children wish he wouldn't do either.

Charles Hippsley

Charles is the originator of Growing on the Frontline, developing the material over several years along with his wife Mary. As Work Forum Director, he led our work with Christians in employment for ten years, and is now Executive Programmes Director, focused on Christians in workplace leadership. A former financial services COO and executive director of a publicly-listed tech firm, he’s perfectly placed to speak to the joys and challenges of following Christ’s call into our jobs.

He helped develop groundbreaking resources and courses including Transforming Work and Executive Toolbox, our in-depth course for senior leaders. In his free time, he enjoys cultivating his garden in Oxfordshire and generally being unflappable. Outside LICC he’s a spiritual director, accompanying others as they grow in their relationship with God. And for good measure, he holds a PhD in materials engineering.

Mary Hippsley

Mary has been in education for most of her working life, unpacking the riches of theology with students from GCSE to Bible college level. More recently her focus has been on spiritual formation, and she holds a master’s degree in Christian Spirituality from Sarum College. Mary is a frequent speaker in church and Christian organisations, helping to make practical connections between what we encounter in everyday life and our growth towards God.

Mary is a spiritual director and chaplain to a Christian charity. Together with Charles, she leads retreats for churches and Christian organisations. In her free time, Mary enjoys reading a good novel, country walks, and alt rock.

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