Friday 18 October 18:00 - 23:00

Hotel Elephant
5 Spare Street
SE17 3EP


GUISE Collective presents Further From Heaven • Private View

Performing & Visual Arts

Join us at creative hub Hotel Elephant for Further from Heaven, a group show exploring indulgence and isolation through painting

Abbie Davies

Adam Baker

Liberty Antonia Sadler

Minjoo Kim

Natalie Anastasiou

Sonia Wynn

A curious menagerie of fictional characters emerge, appearing in a state of ecstatic chaos, simultaneously celebrating and mourning; revealing the toxic influence of consumer culture through new modes of painterly portraiture.

Juxtaposing playfulness & pleasures with ominous subtexts, GUISE Collective has brought together a group of artists, each exploring themes of urban loneliness, champagne socialism, indulgence & its consequences.

Challenging the traditional male gaze within painting, ‘Further From Heaven’ celebrates female, genderfluid & non-heteronormative voices in the sphere of contemporary 2D practice.

Transforming a social space into a world of isolated personas, curated to sit amongst the audience during their everyday coffee rituals; GUISE injects the space with private narratives creating a collective conversion of desire & despair.

“In every dream home a heartache

And every step I take

Takes me further from heaven

Is there a heaven?”

Roxy Music, 1973


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