Thursday 7 October 18:00 - 20:00

London Review Bookshop
14 Bury Place

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‘Hand’: Exhibition and Late Shopping Evening

Food & Drink

The launch of Agenda Brown’s exhibition, ‘Hand’, in the Bookshop and Cake Shop

In a special collaboration with photographer Agenda Brown, the London Review Bookstore & Cakeshop will launch his HAND. series with an exhibition of prints, opening on September 9th. Creating an installation across four sites in this beautiful Bloomsbury courtyard, HAND. prints will appear in the windows of Rodic Davidson Architects and The Classic Camera alongside an interior installation for the London Review Bookshop and Cakeshop.

“I have had a lifelong connection and fascination for hands,” says photographer Agenda Brown from @studiomarvelry. “Used for everything that we do in daily life, our hands can be the toughest things we possess whilst being used for the most delicate operations, their tactile sensitivity capable of detecting a single hair.”

This balance of strength and sensitivity that hands encapsulate is a metaphor for human nature, Agenda believes. “There’s a universal truth in hands that expands on the idea of narrative and communication held in the body that have been core to my practice.”

The launch event will feature a menu created by the London Review Cakeshop’s Terry Glover, one of the first sitters for HAND. Launching the first in a new series of recipes from this well loved central London venue, Terry will select highlights for this menu. Extraordinary sculptural chocolate will be delivered by Brik, with fine teas by Postcard Teas. Aesop have kindly provided product for the event’s guests. Felstead Studios is the official framing partner for the project. Indulge your love of literature with a 10% discount off all books.

Poet Tamara Gabriel will honour the event with a reading of his poem Enfield Hand.


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