Monday 30 May 19:00 - 22:00

Webber Douglas Studio - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Eton Avenue

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Hot off the Pan - A New Writing Festival

Performing & Visual Arts

A new writing festival showcasing original works from our BA: Writing For Performance 2022 Class. Taking place in the Webber Douglas Studio.

The BA Writing for Performance Class of 2022 invite you to β€˜Fresh out the Pan’ New Writing Festival: a celebration of their time on the course, which is now coming to an end.Β 

Over the last three years, amidst the pandemic, the global political upheaval, and the challenges of academic life, they have continued to write, and explore a wide range of ideas in performance.

Now, they’re here and ready to present a brand new collection of new writing for you to enjoy; a verifiable smorgasbord of genres, tones, and subject matters.

Before the event, why not meet some of the talented writers whose work you will soon be enjoying. Next week, we’ll be releasing a page where you can read the profiles and bios of all our writers to understand their work and interests.

This event aims to highlight and expose the effort, energy, and talent that each of these writers have put into their scripts and will be an excellent opportunity to talk to them about the other projects they have underway.

The festival will take place across two days, Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st May, and will be in the Webber Douglas Studio. Join us for one or both days for your chance to experience new writing and hear about the creative talent and processes that went into their creation. Join us as they share some of what they have created, and meet them for a celebratory drink and a chat!

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