Monday 20 September 18:00 - 19:00

Hackney Depot
Sheep Lane
E8 4QY

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Hyper — Local + Global Opening event + Panel Discussions

Business & Professional

A spectacular space, which could have come straight from a Stanley Kubrick film set is open for the first time this London Design Festival.

Art Furniture / Digital Fabrication / Future Sustainability Research / Generative Design Systems / Industrial design / Interactive + Experiential Art / Speculative Design / Robotics / Public Realm Design / Skatepark Design + Construction

This is the first time the doors will be open to the public and we are holding.

Design talks (Monday + Wednesday)

Skate sessions (Open daily from Tuesday)

Group Exhibition (Open daily from Tuesday)

Women in Design, the Power of Diversity

Jo Barnard the Director of industrial design studio Morrama

With guests:

Merle Hall - CEO of Kinneir Dufort, Founder of XXEquals and Nat Maher of Kerning the Gap.

Merle Hall is CEO of Kinneir Dufort, a global innovation, design, and development consultancy, creating positive impact products and services, that align with their purpose of designing a better world.

Founded by Nat Maher in 2015, Kerning The Gap is a collective of like-minded people who want to see more women in design leadership roles, hear their voices and be inspired to create change.

Monday 21 September 2021 18:00 Open. 18:30 onwards

Free drink from Sharps Brewery with every ticket.

Computational Crafts - Algorithmic Art and Design in Practice

Computational Designer Felix Faire

Hosting a discussion with:

Charlotte Dann - Creative Coder and creator of

Dan Hoopert - Digital Artist

Matt Deslauriers - Generative Artist

Monday 21 September 2021. 19:30 onwards

Distribute design and material reuse

Gareth Lloyd Owen + guests, URBAN MINED

Exhibition of prototypes and experiments alongside other resident designers at Hackney Depot.

Panel discussion about material reuse.

Monday 21 September 2021 20:15 onwards

Skate ramp sessions

Betong Park have created a large scale timber ´mini ramp´ - A skateable ramp that doubles as a stage for talks during the week

They are a specialist design and construction firm that provides bespoke concrete skateparks and other skateable structures to public and private sector clients.

Originally Founded in Oslo in 2012, Betongpark opened its London design studio in 2020 under direction from construction experts from the Oslo head office.

Drawing on a team comprised of trained landscape architects, skatepark designers, concrete shapers and project managers, Betongpark spans disciplines and works with passion and an eye for detail.

Tuesday 22 September to Sunday 26 September 2021 16:00 onwards

Design Principles to Save the World

Jo Barnard the Director of industrial design studio Morrama

With guest Alex Fefegha of Comuzi

Alex is the co-founder & head of making at Comuzi, a digital design and innovation studio, working at the intersection of emerging technology and humans.

Wednesday 22 September 18:00 onwards

Free drink from Sharps Brewery with every ticket.

Hackney Depot Pecha Kucha


With guests based at Hackney Depot TBC is an independent studio inside Hackney Depot offering a unique mix of facilities to nurture a vibrant and diverse community of people working across creative disciplines.

Wednesday 22 September 19:00 onwards

Please book a ticket for the day you wish to come.

Drinks are for 18+ guests only. We reserve the right to deny entry to the event.


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