Wednesday 25 September 18:00 - 21:00

The House of Fine Art - St James
Unit 30, Royal Opera Arcade, 5b Pall Mall


Ilhwa Kim: Seed System Private View at HOFA Gallery

Performing & Visual Arts


Contemporary Asian artist, Ilhwa Kim, will have a 2-week Solo Show titled ‘Seed System’ at HOFA London from September 22nd – October 6th this year. It will be her third solo exhibition in London after ‘Sensory Portraits’ in 2018. Ilhwa Kim is known for creating avantgarde, intricate paper art by masterfully combining sculpting and painting techniques.

Her abstract artworks are vast landscapes composed of thousands of seed universes whose inherent dynamism create shifting textures, dimensions and colours when viewed from different angles and distances, or under different lighting. Ilhwa Kim’s art has the amazing ability to surprise the senses, appearing to evolve from morning to night as the small seed universes, individually formed from hand-painted Hanji paper, engage in constant dialogue with each other. They immerse the viewer in a colourful world of textural abundance that intrigue and delight the senses through their organic multiplicity and mutability.

‘Seed System’ promises to be a remarkable show as Ilhwa Kim will premiere a new collection of works that mark a shift in focus from macro to micro seed universes. Her new collection, called ‘Seed School’, revels in the particular uniqueness of each seed as a universe in itself. In ‘Seed School’, each seed is artfully laid bare, revealing the lines, circles and rolls from which it acquires its distinct qualities. The intricate symmetry of these new works and their geometric colour compositions have a sense of order that soothe even as they fascinate the mind. In this way, the micro and macro seed universes are similar though entirely unmistakable.

Ilhwa Kim, who considers herself a sculptor of the senses, wants her upcoming solo show to be “a direct comment on how our senses get organized,” becoming evolving systems, “...when we see a thing or a location together." Born in 1968, Ilhwa Kim has charmed the art world with the intense technique and intricate beauty of her elaborate artworks. Her growing list of solo exhibitions includes the US Dennos museum solo show and the Guangzhou Opera House solo show, and each year, demand for her work surges internationally.


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