Thursday 30 June 17:00 - 19:00

Eagle House
50 Marshall Street

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In-Person Event: Effective Strategies For Radio & OOH With Global Media

Business & Professional

Velocity Juice are partnering with Killian Barrins from Global Ventures to present an exciting opportunity to our portfolio companies

We are very excitedΒ to present an interesting opportunity from the Global Media Venturing division. As you are probably aware, Global have some of the UK’s biggest On Air and Out of Home media assets including Heart, Capital, LBC Radio, and iconic A-list, large national, small local, bus, rail, tram, metro, airport outdoor sites.

We have had extensive discussions with many of you regarding TV advertising and the barriers around potentially prohibitive costs for both Media and Production for TV. Therefore, Velocity thought this would be a great opportunityΒ  to present much more accessible mediums, without sacrificing effectiveness for marketing campaigns.Β 

The Global Venturing division have created a scheme offering significant discounts on the media rates typically offered by media agencies or even directly from Global.

We look forward to welcoming you back in our office on Thursday 30th June at 5pm to hear about this opportunity, as well as to enjoy a drink and network after the presentation.


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