Thursday 8 December 18:00 - 21:00

Battersea South Gallery, Battersea South Campus, Royal College of Art Howie Street, London 4AY
Howie Street
SW11 4AY


Intimate Fantasy Chang Gao PhD VIVA Degree Show Private View

Performing & Visual Arts

First major solo show of Chang Gao’s work in the UK, tracing her radical, diverse, transgressive, and interdisciplinary expression.

Intimate Fantasy is Chang Gao PhD VIVA degree exhibition examines her PhD research topic Using Supernormal Stimuli and Eroticism in creating public artworks: An Experiment in countering cultural hegemony and postcolonialism in Chinese public space. Her research topic overlaps interdisciplinary fields between psychology, philosophy, politics, and sexuality. Addressing urgent topics from sexual expression in comparison between eroticism and pornography, in combating political repression such as patriarchy, Euro-centric, Kantian sense of universality, colonialism, the hegemonic force of repression, censorship.

The exhibition will take place in and outside of Battersea South campus gallery at the Royal College of Art. The Private View will invite the audience to experience immersive and interactive experience for seven steps though multiple media across sculpture, robotics, ECG heart rate interactive installation, Augmented Reality interface, film, photography, Prints, hologram installation.

This exhibition is part of Chang Gao's PhD final submission in examining her practice-led PhD Research at Royal College of Art.

Time: December 1st -December 9th 2022

Opening Hour: 10am-6pm Mon-Friday

Private View: December 8th, 6-9pm

Location: Battersea South Gallery, Battersea South Campus, Royal College of Art

Howie Street, London SW11 4AY

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