Friday 27 September 18:00 - 22:00

Little Italy, 1st Floor
21 Frith Street

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Jennie Matthias - Surviving The Storm Book Launch Party


This will be the launch of my debut book 'Surviving The Storm,' Β I have chosen to celebrate this achievement in style and would like you to join me on this special occassion. Β I wrote my book after having watched many of my friends bow out of life, taking the route of drink, drugs or even suicide to avoid dealing with personal issues bestowed on them through early trauma, I alson have come out of the other side of similar hardship and found a way to work with my violent past and use my knowledge to stop others from going down a similar route. 'SURVIVING THE STORM' is a personal journey all about SURVIVAL. It's main aim is to inspire anyone looking for positive change within their life by sharing tips and strategies that I have learnt from past experience. If you are a person that has gone through any form of trauma and possibly feel stuck at a crossroads, unable to cope with that pain then this book is for you as it shares ideas, stories and exercises from the author and others that have found positive ways of embracing their pain so as they can then use it as a tool for self-development. 'SURVIVING THE STORM' encourages you to look at your past experiences in a positive light, sharing ideas on how you can use the past to create an outstanding future for yourself and others. So come on down and party with me as there will be refreshments, entertainment and a whole lot of fun! - (Alcohol has to be purchased at the bar)


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