Thursday 7 March 18:00 - 21:00

1-3 Mare St
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Kin – a solo group show by Rob Lowe aka @Supermundane

Community & Culture

Kin will run from the 7th until the 24th March, RSVP for Private View 7th March 6-9pm

Kin – a solo group show by Rob Lowe aka @Supermundane

Kin will run from the 7th until the 24th March, we will have several events for you to attend over the two weeks to be announced, however keep free the 7th March 6-9pm and be the first to view and Sunday 24th 2-4pm for artist Q&A.

‘Kin is a show of related types. I have a lot of names that people call me (to my face and when talking about me). I’m not sure why people feel the need to give me a nickname (always based on my real name). Only recently I found out a group of friends call me ‘Little Rob’, when I asked if there was another, taller, Rob, they said there wasn’t. I wonder if all these names are different types

of me. I’ve always worked on many different things at once, this can be seen (commercially at least) as bad thing; commerce loves more of the same, but it feels very true to how I live in the world: taking how I see, and experience, it and showing it in different ways.

There is a consistency in my approach: an interest in movement, depth, repetition and flatness, but also a celebration of the nature of materials and tools used. The calligraphic pen is used to create typographic topiary, with sublime repetition taking the place of language; French curve templates turn into fancy breed birds; improvised pencil drawings revel in redundant beauty and simple lines turn into structural follies or colourful studies of movement and depth. These are all from the same place. They are all related.’ Rob.

Sponsors @fivepointsbeer @wearesomethingandnothing @xoxo.soda @numberswine

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