Wednesday 1 December 17:00 - 19:00

UCL Cruciform Building, B304, LT1
Gower Street


LBL x Weaver Labs x Oasis Foundation

Science & Technology

LBL x Weaver Labs x Oasis Accelerator Learning about real-use cases of blockchain &

About the event.

We want it to be a discussion where all of you will be involved. Weaver Labs will be presenting their roadmap, how they have suceeded, different projects that they have ahead of them and overall their vision. Oasis Foundation, as an accelerator will give insights on unique opportunities to turn those ideas into a reality.

We will provide beverages and hope that by the end everyone is comfortable to mingle around.

About the speakers:

Weaver Labs:

Weaver Labs is a Web3 startup democratising access to telecoms infrastructure with blockchain, effectively creating “a ‘Sonos’ for networks”. The company digitises telecoms infrastructure assets and offers them “as a service” in a shared marketplace: anything from a lamp-post, a traffic light, a fibre network to an entire wireless infrastructure (5G/4G, WiFi) is aggregated in a pool of resources. The end goal is to establish an open, public and decentralised network that serves as “the engine of a marketplace of connectivity assets”.

If you want to learn more about them:

Maria Lema - Co- Founder @ Weaver Labs

PhD in Telecoms and Co-Founder of Weaver Labs, a Web3 start-up innovating in the telecoms industry.

After her short life as an academic researcher, Maria joined the 5G Tactile Internet Lab at King’s College London where she was leading a team on the deployment of London’s first 5G Network. Maria’s Co-Founders Anthony, James and Alex were software developers for the project and introduced her to the concept of blockchain and Web3. Together, they believed telecoms and decentralisation combined had the power to make a significant impact on the industry.

Oasis Foundation

The Oasis - MetaMind Blockchain Accelerator is a 12-week accelerator program which will provide selected teams with end-to-end support, mentoring from high-profile mentors, and workshops for strategy formulation and go-to-market execution.

The teams selected will receive a Grant of $20K each from the $500K ROSE funding pool to kick off their projects. At the end of the program, a big Demo Day will take place where teams will be able to raise additional funding from a variety of the world’s leading investors. On top of that, the Oasis Foundation will invest up to $3 million to support selected projects in the accelerator.

Learn more about them:

Alex Potter:

Programme Director for the new $3.5M Oasis - MetaMind Blockchain Accelerator. Previously Head of Accelerator Programmes at Allia (in partnership with JP Morgan), he's led initiatives in the startup, scaleup, accelerator & implied innovation scenes for well over a decade and a half - including for players like MassChallenge & Capital Enterprise. Previously, his academic background was in Cognitive Science, Cognitive Computing & AI.


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