Wednesday 12 October 18:00 - 20:00

Alan Baxter Gallery
75 Cowcross Street


Learning Through Archaeology: The ROCKET  project

Science & Technology

Digging into the Past of an Iconic Locomotive

Dr. Bailey has carried out several archaeological projects into early locomotives with fellow Newcomen Society members, John Glithero and Peter Davidson.  Much has been learned from these detailed examinations, in combination with detailed archival research programmes.  The ROCKET project was carried out in 1999, and revealed a much more detailed story of the locomotive and its components than had previously been understood.  Although its Rainhill Trials story is well known, the talk will focus on new evidence arising from its subsequent use on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, as a second-hand locomotive used by the Earl of Carlisle, and during its long period of preservation.

Dr. Michael Bailey MBE is a Past-President of the Newcomen Society.  He is the President of the Stephenson Locomotive Society and the British Overseas Railways Historical Trust.  He is a consultant to railway and technical museums in early locomotive and railway history, and has written several books and papers on these topics.


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