Wednesday 22 January 18:00 - 21:00

4 Leonard Circus

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Leave Yourself at Home by Negele Hospedales & Juliette Goubert

Performing & Visual Arts

ZINE LAUNCH: Leave Yourself at Home by Negele Hospedales & Juliette Goubert


“Leave Yourself At Home” is the joint exhibition and zine-launch for Negele Hospedales’ The Otherside and Juliette Goubert’s Farniente: the art of doing fuck all, coming to Photo Book Café on January 22nd for one night only. The analog photography exhibition celebrates the art of exploration and self-discovery – getting lost to find yourself – a common theme between the two travel diaries.

6pm to 9pm, Wednesday 22 January. Limited open bar tab so get there early!


Negele Hospedales is an analogue photographer based in Hoxton, by way of Victoria, Canada. An active traveller working in the music industry, he has spent the last few years living and visiting various destinations between North America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. The Otherside is Negele’s first full length photo publication, highlighting a 2019 trip to the remote Lofoten Islands in the Norweigan artic circle. The book is inspired by classic coming-of-age films and follows Negele and his friends Maria and Aapo on their week-long unplanned expedition. The collection of photos are the final selection of 11 rolls of 35mm Kodak professional film captured during the road-trip. Sequence based with minimal text – aside from hand-written notes, as well as an official soundtrack (featuring Rex Orange County, Ziggy Marley, Jay Prince and more) – The Otherside is for you to interpret.

Juliette Goubert is 24-year-old photographer from Paris, now based in London where she works as a freelance art director and graphic designer. Combining all of her passions into one, Juliette presents her first zine, titled Farniente - the art of doing fuck all. Based across Italy during a 2-week excursion with seemingly little purpose (while collective conscious would’ve probably told her to be out seeking more jobs as a freelancer), the project is “about how [she] didn't do shit”. A commentary on the pressures of noteworthiness, Farniente is a celebration of all things beautiful, relaxing, delicious, and funny. First released as a 200-something page online publication, Farniente will be releasing as a super limited mini-zine, made especially for the exhibition.









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