Thursday 19 September 19:00 - 22:00

Big Pixel Studios
2 Westland Place
N1 7NR

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Level UP - VFX in Games

Film, Media & Entertainment

VFX and the Magic of Maths

For this months Level UP, we welcome Natanel Vo-Apfel! A Senior VFX Artist from Rocksteady Studios.

During this talk, Natanel will go over how he approaches his VFX workflow focusing on utilising the magic of maths and coding/blueprinting in Unreal Engine 4. He will explain the importance of developing a deeper technical knowledge for the modern day VFX artist and run through how it applies to his process. The VFX examples will be in C++, Blueprints, Unreal Engine 4 and all the principles discussed can be transferred to any programming language and engine.

Level UP - VFX Games is an event for VFX artists to learn, share knowledge and expand their network. This Level UP - VFX Games is for all levels, aimed for anyone looking to improve their skills. The event is open to all levels, students and professionals so come along, listen, network and enjoy a few drinks!

The doors will open at 7pm, the talk begins at 7:30 and then the talk will be followed with Q&A with an open bar.

Please note, photos might be taken at the event for future event promotional purposes, by attending you are giving your consent. Please keep in mind that GEL has taken every measure to notify attendees not to bring NDA restrictive material for viewing. GEL is not responsible for the material brought by attendees. If you are representing a company, please check with your employer which materials you are allowed to bring, if any.

Big Pixel Studios is sponsoring the event, allowing us the use of their space and refreshments!


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