Tuesday 17 September 19:00 - 21:00

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch
100 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JQ

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London Design Festival: Custom Exercise Launch Party


A new design initiative investigating opportunities by reusing, re-purposing and reinterpreting existing objects

Ace Hotel London introduces this year’s design initiative, during London Design Festival, that investigates the opportunities made possible by reusing, repurposing and reinterpreting existing methods, materials and techniques. Approaching items through this lens, the project takes form as a collective endeavour, working with a cadre of designers to responsibly create custom, customised and customisable objects for Ace Hotel London. London Design Festival promotes the city’s creativity, drawing in the country’s greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to deliver an unmissable celebration of design.

This year’s designers include French-born, Mexico-based furniture and product designer Fabien Cappello, who will be designing water jugs and cutlery holders for the lobby; London design studio Raw Edges, producing rugs in association with GAN for The Rooftop; Amsterdam-based studio BCXSY, who will unveil room dividers for The Rooftop; as well as French-born, emerging designer Diego Faivre who has created door stops for the property.

To carry forward the theme of customisation, Faivre will be operating a pop-up Minute Manufacture factory in the Lobby of the hotel for the duration of the London Design Festival. Guests are invited to have new items made and existing items customised in Faivre’s joyful aesthetic at the rate of £1 a minute. Faivre will also create a dynamic installation for the front entrance of the hotel.

“Shoreditch, one of the most creative and energized neighbourhoods in London, is a fitting place to bring together a group of globally talented designers with new ideas and adaptations for creating functional, idiosyncratic objects for Ace Hotel London. We can’t wait to share their work and see them in everyday use.” — Kelly Sawdon, Partner and Chief Brand Officer

This year’s design initiative, which showcases eclectic and unique designs that become both necessary operational tools and a way to spotlight exciting global talent, has been collaborated with consultant Libby Sellers.

BCXSY is an Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary cooperative between designers Boaz Cohen (Israel, 1978) and Sayaka Yamamoto (Japan, 1984). Established in early 2007, BCXSY’s studio covers a wide range of projects, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Offering a balanced combination of two unique talents, the studio delivers one distinct narrative that is characterized by an emphasis on personal experience, human interaction and emotional awareness. The artful intertwining of the specific and boutique with the universal and commercial is the hallmark of the BCXSY design experience.

Their award-winning work has been featured at some of the world’s most prestigious design events and continues to capture the attention of international galleries and museums, including the acquisition of the Join screens by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the In Between glassware by the Shanghai Glass Museum, and the commissioned work, New Perspectives, by the TextielMuseum in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Fabien Cappello is an interior and furniture designer. Since launching his studio in 2010 he has worked across a variety of contexts: from commercial objects to limited editions and public environments. Much of Cappello's early work, through his international residencies and prestigious Stanley Picker Fellowship, explored the idea of the creative use of local resources and local manufacturing.

Born in France, and having studied in Switzerland and London, Cappello is now based in Mexico City. His new environs continue to provide a very fertile context for the development of his practice, allowing him to explore very specific economic, social and historical ideas in the new context of the tropical metropolis.

French-born, Netherlands-based Diego Faivre is a recent graduate of the celebrated Design Academy Eindhoven. His emerging practice has caught international attention for his focus on the quotidian, or small nuances of daily life. His graduation project, Minute Manufacture, offers complete transparency in the production and manufacturing processes of design in his work, challenging the current fabrication and evaluation of objects. For Faivre, time really is money; the number of minutes spent affects the quality and design of the outcome. It is his response to the rise of mass production and the consequential devaluation of individual expression.

Drawing from his experience as a blue-collar worker, Faivre points out that every action in a factory or similar environment is meticulously calculated, recorded and assessed, leaving no room for the human element. At the same time, his project strives to inject a sense of expression and personal identity into manufacturing.

Raw Edges is the award-winning design studio founded by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay in 2007. Having first studied at The Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, they both completed their master’s degrees in design under the tutelage of fellow Israeli Ron Arad at London’s Royal College of Art. Colours, pattern making, movement and curiosity are the principal motivators behind their design approach. Through their work across multiple mediums and materials, they seek out new discoveries, manipulating the things around them to find new and fascinating things. Credit: Mark Cocksedge

The studio has been awarded Designers of the Future by Design Miami/ Basel, Elle Deco international Edida Award, Wallpaper Design Award, iF Design Award, and other prestigious awards for their work. They have also been nominated several times for the Designs of the Year Award at the London Design Museum. Their designs were acquired for the permanent collections at international museums, including the MoMA in New York.


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