Tuesday 24 September 18:00 - 22:30

Puppet Building
Aldgate tower, 2 Leman St, Whitechapel, London
E1 8FA

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London Kubernetes Meetup


Nuaware, Octarine and Platform9 present to you a Kubernetes meetup which is designed by container and cloud experts.
In this event, Speakers will cover Kubernetes from a Cloud SRE/Admin, Development, Architecture and Operations standpoint.

We provide a packed meetup of enriching hands-on steps that cover;
-Container Concepts and Architecture
-Single pane of glass for your k8s clusters across public and private clouds
- Concerns such as installation and operation of a K8s cluster on any underlying infrastructure
- Concerns such as monitoring, upgrades, etc
-DevOps pipeline design and best practices
-Application runtime deployments using managed applications
Application Security for Kubernetes - Prioritize security without slowing down
-Operational Aspects of Kubernetes
-Kubernetes Design Patterns
-How to operate Kubernetes CI/CD pipelines at scale
-Building & Running an Enterprise Container Platform in a Hybrid Cloud
-Latest Kubernetes Trends and Use Cases

Rafael Feitelberg VP BD @ Octarine
Ram Akuka: Head of Field Engineering @ Octarine
Vamsi Chemitiganti Chief Strategist at @ Platform9 Systems
Ashley Ward @ Palo Alto Networks


6.00pm - Doors open, registration begins.
6.15pm - Pizza and beers
6:45pm - Octarine Talk and live demo
7:30pm - Platform 9 Talk
8:15pm - Container Security talk ( Twistlock - Palo Alto Networks
8:30 pm - Q&A and Close

Register here for Kubernetes Day - London



Nuaware specialises in ensuring that enterprises successfully select and adopt the right technologies to achieve new business initiatives. New business initiatives now revolve around software, Nuaware was founded with the view that new platform and software development technologies are an ecosystem business.

Platform9 delivers the leading open source cloud frameworks – Kubernetes, Fission Serverless, and OpenStack– as a SaaS-managed service. Simply plug-in your different environments to our technology automatically brings your diverse infrastructure under centralized management.

About Octarine: Octarine provides Kubernetes Application Security with a unique service mesh approach. Organizations utilizing Octarine are equipped with a security suite that includes Kubernetes security discovery, automatic scanning to secure Kubernetes configurations, application segmentation, ingress and egress control, and network threat detection.

Puppet offices, Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St, Whitechapel, London E1 8FA


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