Wednesday 20 November 18:00 - 20:30

Aviva Digital Garage
33-35 Hoxton Square
N1 6NN

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Max Kuhn presents "Totally Tidy Tuning Tools"

Science & Technology

RLadies London is excited to present Max Kuhn on November 20th.

We do not have a confirmed location for this event so if you know a workspace that is willing to host please contact us ([email protected]). Tickets will be released when we have a location and know how many people the space can hold

Totally Tidy Tuning Tools:

Many machine learning models have hyperparameters whose values cannot be analytically estimated from the data. For example, the number of neighbors in a nearest-neighbor classification model. The tidymodels collection or R packages are a tidyverse interface to modeling. In this talk, the new tune package will be introduced. Examples of the tidy interface to model tuning will be demonstrated.

Max Kuhn is a software engineer with RStudio and formerly of Pfizer. Max is a leader in the R community on predictive modelling. He is the author of the caret package and the book Applied Predictive Modelling. (


6pm- Doors open

6.30pm- Pizzas and drinks

7pm- Presentation & questions8pm- Networking


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