Friday 3 June 18:00 - 22:30

Camden Open Air Gallery
216 Camden High Street

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Miguel H.cuar 'Messages From/To Me' Exhibition Opening Night

Performing & Visual Arts

Come and join us for a first look at the very talented Miguel H.cuar's solo exhibition 'Messages From/To Me'

Kicking off at 6.00pm on Friday 3rd June at Camden Open Air Gallery

A night of amazing art, drinks and music plus a chance to get the first look at Miguel H.Cuar's new collection of works.

Miguel H.cuar is a contemporary artist that works and lives in the city of London. He was born and raised in Zaragoza, a city in the north of Spain, in 1987. His colourful works are a mixture of nature elements, popping bright colours and iconic characters and objects that come from the cartoons and comic books that he read and watched when he was a kid.

Having grown up in a family that was in close touch with the art and crafts world, he developed an early interest for drawing since he was a child. After spending quite some years studying different art and graphic design courses, he founded himself working comfortably with brushes and paint, merging his works with detailed, busy and complex compositions that include hidden messages meant to impact the public and make them elaborate on the topic of the work that’s in front of them.

The influences that nurture his work come from a mixture of the every day personal life experiences and also the 90’s culture he was raised up in. Creativity has always being there in him and he’s always tried to apply it in any aspect of his life. He has worked with different techniques throughout the years but his most comfortable with spray paint and acrylic painting nowadays.

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