Thursday 23 June 17:00 - 22:00

C A P House
9-12 Long Lane


Natural Language Processing and Graph Analytics


Natural Language Processing and Graph Analytics

As we step back into a Covid restriction free world, MBN are delighted in announcing, in partnership with Logically, our first London Data Science event.

This event will be focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Graph Analytics, a key part of Logicallyโ€™s AI expertise, and an area of interest for many businesses and scientists today.

There will be presentations from our key speakers on NLP topics, an intro into what Logically are doing and a chance to network with Data Scientists, Engineers and business leaders working in the NLP sector.


Mohammed Khaleed MBN - Welcome intro

Anil Bandhakavi - Head of Data Science Logically โ€“Talking about Logicallyโ€™s requirements and approach to building a diverse AI team. Covering the recruitment challenges Logically faced and the solutions the team have built so far to combat misinformation, disinformation etc

Ivan Despot - Developer Relations Engineer, Memgraph โ€“Talking about how Graph Analytics has grown in uses, the different use cases where itโ€™s been applied and the use of real-time Graph Analytics in Machine Learning.

Roxana Danger โ€“Talking about Natural Language models, it's risks associated with privacy, different types of attacks and available solutions.

About the speakers:

Ivan Despot

Developer Relations Engineer, Memgraph

Ivan Despot is a Developer Relations Engineer at Memgraph. His passion for mathematics and graph theory inspired him to become part of the Memgraph team and start contributing to the field of graph analytics. Besides graph-based technologies, he is also interested in streaming platforms, stream processing and event-driven development.




Roxana Danger

Dr Roxana Danger is an experienced researcher in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Knowledge Representation. She completed her PhD on "Extraction and analysis of information from the Semantic Web viewpoint" and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and Imperial College London. She has participated with key roles in multidisciplinary European and national projects, and published more than 30 international research papers. After moving to the private sector, she has worked as a Senior Data Scientist in and 10x Banking, and is currently working at, a company leading the development of Responsible AI technologies and tools to solve the data challenge for regulated industries. She is interested in promotion of statistical and data understanding in education and for the general public. Her main current research interests are data ethics, semantics and private AI.


Sponsored by Logically

In partnership with Memgraph


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