Wednesday 11 December 18:15 - 21:45

Flora Indica
242 Old Brompton Road

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Networking Launch of Women in Tech Not Just Code

Science & Technology

Networking Launch of Women in Tech Not Just Code

We are proud to announce the official launch of Women in Tech Not Just Code, with a networking event in London and we would love to see you there.

This is not just another women in tech network, we’re looking beyond STEM and coding. You do not have to be a developer or coder to join. You also don’t have to be female to be part of the community, everyone is welcome.

Very often the assumption is that you’re only working tech if you are coding. That’s why we’re different. Women in Tech Not Just Code celebrates every single person in a tech company or tech role.

At this event you will meet our founder Carol Johnson, IT Director at the Telegraph, co-founders Louise Curtis Product Manager and Rima Amin, Senior Business Analyst along with other guests.

Our Aims

  • Build a support network for women working in technology, who are most likely not a developer
  • Demonstrate a route into tech & see future career identities
  • Showcase tech role models to encourage girls into tech careers
  • Establish affiliated Women in Tech Not Just Code groups in other orgs & work with other networks

Our Values

  • Reality.. no fakery just reality
  • No man bashing - support each other and be inclusive
  • Plain speaking, no gimmicks or sound bites, simple & clear

Who should attend and why?

This event is for women who work in technology or the technology sector looking to share ideas, support each other and be inclusive - no man bashing here! We will tackle issues through plain speaking, honesty, no gimmicks or sound bytes, no fakery just reality and with real (role) models. Even if networking is not your thing, you’ll want to be part of a new community that’s here for you.

We’re also getting ready for the 2020 meetup programme, so this is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and perspectives to shape the agenda going forward. If you’d like to be a future speaker, sponsor or know someone who would like to get involved, please reach out to us.

How do I get involved?

Sign up & register now - space is limited and the event is free, however if you are unable to make it after registration, please cancel so others on the waiting list can attend

Follow us on ->

Twitter @WITNotJustCode

Instagram @WomenInTechNotJustCode




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