Friday 27 September 20:00 - 23:00

Weymouth Mews

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NIJIKAI with JETAA London for returnee JETs


JETAA London Chapter would like to give a warm welcome back and β€˜otsukaresama’ to all of the JETs recently returned from Japan!

We are holding a NIJIKAI to follow the LinkedIn Seminar (hosted by JETAA UK) and Welcome Back Reception (hosted by JLGC and the Embassy of Japan) on Friday 27th September. Sign up to join!

We want to meet all of you and hear all of your stories of Japan! Most importantly, we are here to help you adjust back to UK life.

You may be experiencing reverse culture shock, or at a cross-road with what career path you want to take. Perhaps you would like advice on a specific industry or job, or you may be new to London and looking to mingle and make friends. Are you interested in knowing ways on how you can remain connected to Japan and keep up your Japanese studies? Or you may just need to know the best place to get legit tonkotsu ramen!

Whatever it is, JET Alumni have been there and we are there for you. JETAA is a fantastic network of alumni of over 30 years, each with our own special memories and of Japan and post-JET life stories and experiences to share.

Join your local chapter and connect to like-minded friends and to the Japan network in your area.

Follow the link to register and receive updates on events near you!

And the JETAA London Chapter look forward to seeing you and sharing a few beers together on Friday 27th September!

The NIJIKAI will be held at the Jackalope , just around the corner from Asia House.

Time: 8pm

Date: Fri 27th September

Location: The Jackalope, 43 Weymouth Mews, Marylebone, London, W1G 7EQ

Nearest stations: Oxford Circus, Regent’s Park, Great Portland Street


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