Wednesday 22 February 18:30 - 21:30

Institute of Archaeology (G6)
31-34 Gordon Square

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On Empire's Edge: frontiers and borderlands in Roman archaeology and beyond


UCL IoA Inaugural Lecture series 2023: Prof. Andrew Gardner. On Empire's Edge: frontiers and borderlands in Roman archaeology - and beyond.

Roman archaeology has often been seen as one of the more traditional sub-fields in the discipline, rooted in visions of an imperial past out-of-step with the 21st century. In this lecture, the critical developments in the field over the last thirty years will be reviewed through the lens of frontier archaeology, showing how new insights into border processes can, in fact, inform very contemporary debates about identities, boundaries, and social transformation in the coming decades. In a world still strongly shaped by the legacies of empire, Roman archaeology has much to offer to the understanding of these issues.

Tο»Ώhe lecture will be followed by a wine reception.


Professor Andrew Gardner has research interests in Roman archaeology and archaeological theory, particularly issues of power, identity, and social change. In addition to teaching across these fields, Andrew is active in the wider discipline, and currently co-Chairs University Archaeology UK, the subject body for archaeology in British universities. Andrew studied at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, then worked in Reading, Leicester and Cardiff, before returning as a lecturer from 2005.

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