Wednesday 27 November 19:00 - 22:30

Saint Pauls Institute
302 The Highway

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Open Mic + Show & Tell Networking Event for Indie Film Community

Film, Media & Entertainment

Networking Event for the "Indie Film Community" with the chance to screen your showreel, trailer, slideshow and Open Mic

Wish to find like-minded people to collaborate within the film community? Love pitching on the mic but sometimes you feels like you need more ways to justify your talent in film? Then this is the perfect opportunity!

Cinebooth proudly provides you with two choices in which you can present your talent in film to everyone in the room:

—> OPEN MIC: Classic style grab that mic and pitch like never before!

—> SHOW & TELL 📽: Seeing and hearing can help show what you're really capable of, therefore we can screen your showreels, trailers, slideshows and even play audio files if you’re a composer.


It's as simple as sending your Vimeo, WeTransfer, Google or YouTube link to [email protected]

Listed below is an example of some of the things we could show, but please keep them at a maximum of 3 minutes.

| Showreel | Trailer | Slideshow | Audio |


We like to host our events in a very special way by getting to know our guests and their needs, allowing us to help them connect with the right people in the room. We have a minimum of 4 hosts on the night providing a very professional guest service yet such a warm fun family vibe.

What is so special about these events is that we take a step further than just offering a mic to pitch because we bring a mini projector and projector screen to help the guest visualise your talent and we see this as pure gold when it comes too networking events.

Also for those that need to loosen up a bit with a nice drink or simply need a refreshment, we make life easier by providing an exclusively crafted cocktail/mock-tail menu plus beers, wine, and sodas.

And what more?! Well we can imagine some of you might get a bit hungry so we're currently working on a delicious bites menu to stop that tummy rumbling.


1. Our relaxed reception with a twist: Arrive, meet and greet!

2. The standard procedure: Cinebooth Group Photo - let's keep those memories alive!

3. Mic introduction: Who we are and what to expect from the night.

4. Show & Tell with Open mic: This is where the fun begins. Grab a mic and pitch to us or tell us what you've brought to show us.

5. Up until this late? Let's keep the fun going with our music playlist and lots of beverages!


The venue is located just 5mins walk from Shadwell station. Where is that you may ask...

  • 1 stop from Bank on the DLR
  • OR
  • 1 stop from Whitechapel on the Overground

St Pauls Institute 302 The Highway, London E1W 3DH


You may wonder, what kind of venue do we run these events in. Well fortunately for us we several different rooms at this location but best of all we have our own bar with our personal bartender at your service and food!

To help you visualise this we've added some pictures:

Contact Details


Wednesday 27th November 2019

Start time 7.00pm -10.30pm (close at 11:00pm)

Cocktails, Beers & Mock-tails

Shadwell station ( 1 train stop from Bank or Whitechapel) London E1W 3DH


Harry Woodford, Dennis Kosmos, Bruno Machado, Marcial Miño, Angelo Tiziano Gabriel & Naveed

Email: [email protected]

Facebook & Instagram:


Meet the team

At each event you can expect to find a minimum of 3 hosts. These three "usual suspects" can be found wearing the classic Cinebooth logo T-shirts making it easy to locate them and ask them any questions at anytime.

So who are they?

  • Dennis: He's role is bar manager, focusing on making sure everyone has a great choice of drinks and is open to make recommendations or take on cocktail challenges!
  • Bruno: Your friendly Portuguese at the door. Along side his youthful and approachable characteristics he takes the role of login customers in and management of the equipment in order to screen the films.
  • Harry: Our Host and event manager. This famous Brazilian with the queens english has a clear love and vision for Cinebooth and this passion shows throughout the night! If in need of any assistance this is your go to person.

The other member seen occasionally can be:

  • Marcial - photographer / co-host
  • Naveed - Chef
  • Angelo - bartender


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