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Join us for a fascinating conversation on the situation in Afghanistan with Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY

"The international community deserted Afghanistan, leaving the country in chaos. We have a moral duty to give the Afghan people back what is theirs. People’s rights and dignity should always be the common goal of our interventions." - Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY.

Perspectives on Afghanistan Discussion

On the 15th of August 2021, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. The country was all over the headlines. Under the Taliban, women's rights have been trampled on and Afghanistan has fallen deeper into an economic crisis, topped by severe drought and the cumulative toll of decades of war plunging three-quarters of the country’s 40 million people into acute poverty.

Now the world's attention has moved on and few people know what's going on in Afghanistan.

We're honored to host Rossella Miccio, the President of EMERGENCY, to give us an insight into the current situation and the critical role that healthcare plays in Afghanistan. Rossella Miccio has worked for EMERGENCY since 2000. Always driven by the principle of free and high-quality healthcare for all, she has played a pivotal role in starting and running EMERGENCY’s network of hospitals and clinics around the world. Rossella visited Afghanistan in April 2022 to assess the ongoing situation in the country and see how EMERGENCY's healthcare facilities are continuing to provide support to the Afghan people.

Photography Exhibition

ISHKAR has hosted an annual print sale since 2020 to raise money for EMERGENCY. This year we've teamed up with 22 extraordinary photographers who have contributed to the collection including Steve McCurry, Matthieu Paley, Rena Effendi, Farshad Usyan, Emily Garthwaite and Andrew Quilty. Alongside the talk we will be exhibiting the photography collection for 2022 and will have a selection of limited edition, archive prints from the 2021 sale, including prints by Michael Christopher Brown, Lorenzo Tugnoli, Matthieu Paley and Jim Huylebroek.

This is our opportunity to show Afghanistan that we still care. That we have not forgotten. This is our chance to direct crucial aid to where it is needed most

Signed, archive prints available at special, one-off prices for 6 weeks only until August 15th, 2022.

Discover the collection on


6:30 – 7:00pm: Drinks & Nibbles

7:00 – 7:455pm: Discussion

7:45 – 8:15: Q&A with audience

Above / Photograph by Lorenzo Tugnoli that will be available in ISHKAR's print sale for EMERGENCY (live 01.07.22 - 15.08.22)

Below / Photograph of Rossella Miccio, the President of EMERGENCY


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