Tuesday 29 November 18:00 - 21:00

Pennethorne's Bar
Somerset House

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Perspectives with Vyn: Reimagining People Impact for Better Planet & Profit

Business & Professional

‘Perspectives with Vyn’ is an exclusive event where thought leaders share their stories in short Ted style talks over drinks and canapés

‘Perspectives with Vyn’ is an exclusive, by invitation only, event where thought leaders share their stories in short Ted style talks over informal drinks & canapés.

This is followed by an evening of networking with like minded change-makers from across industries like energy, tech, fashion, telecom, utilities, sustainability and more.

In the past, we have had thought leaders, writers and change makers from Google, Engie, EDP, Tata Communications, BT, Notion Capital, Investis, Norges Bank, eightfold ai, Diageo, Lakestar and many more!

Our topic this time is “Reimagining People Impact for a Better Planet & Profit” and we have the following speakers joining us to share their perspectives:

- Aditee Chandak Gulati - Founder, Commejesais

A passionate cosmetics formulator and entrepreneur based out of Paris, France whose brand “Comme Je Sais” (which means, “As I know”) is all about conscious consumption

- Lynne Toogood - Chief Operating Officer, Connected Kerb

Bringing innovative solutions to charge your electric vehicle where you live and accelerating the transition to zero emission transport

- Guy Richelle - Senior Advisor, Energy Industry, ex-ACWA and ENGIE

Active and interested in the energy transition and net zero pathways, people management and organisational development

- Adam Hale - Board Member & Chair, Various

An ex CEO and business leader in the talent acquisition, people and SaaS HR businesses and now an active advisor and investor of scale ups

- Kapil Singhal - Co-founder & CEO, Vyntelligence

A passionate entrepreneur & leader driving transformative change across industries with a consistent track record in growing teams and pioneering new ways of doing things.

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